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Lawn Care FAQ's

What is the best way to get a message to the office?

Please email any questions or concerns to and we will be happy to help you!  If email is not an option, you can text or call (603)431-0101.

When is my first application?

Lawn applications will begin as soon as the weather permits.  This is typically in the first few weeks of April.

Can I put down grass seed before the application? If you would like to put down grass seed in the spring, please let the office know beforehand and mark the area that has been seeded so your technician can see it.  Your first application includes a crabgrass pre-emergent and we don’t want to inhibit your seed from sprouting.  If you let the office know when your seed is put down, we will try to delay that application for a few weeks.  Seed should not be put down following the first application.
Can you tell me when the technician will be here for my application?

Seacoast Turf Care can only give you a general time frame for the tech’s arrival since their route can change based on the needs of their prior stops.  You don’t need to be home for the application, but if you would prefer a more specific time, the office can have the tech call you when he is on his way.

I was home all day & never saw the technician.

Depending on the size of your property, Seacoast Turf Care may only be there for a few minutes.  We do flag all properties when an application is finished, but if you don’t see a flag, please let us know and we will double-check with your technician.

How long do I need to keep my kids and/or pets off the lawn after an application?

Seacoast Turf Care recommends keeping kids and pets off the lawn for 2 hours after an application.  The application WILL NOT harm them, it is strictly to avoid having them track product into the house.

Can you do the application if the lawn needs to be mowed?

The lawn doesn’t need to be cut for the application to be effective.  If the lawn has not been recently mowed, it is easier for the technician to find any weeds that need to be treated.  If your lawn is scheduled to be mowed on the same day of an application, please let the office know and Seacoast Turf Care will try to adjust the tech’s route to allow him to come after the grass is cut. 

How soon can I mow after the application is done?

Seacoast Turf Care recommends waiting to mow the grass until 24 hours after your visit to allow for the best results. Your After Service Summary will have specific instructions.  

What if my landscaper mowed right after you came?

While Seacoast Turf Care prefers the lawn not to be cut for 24 hours after an application, please allow 2 weeks for the treatment to be effective.  If you have any concerns after this, please let the office know.

Can I rake the lawn after the first application?

Please try to have any cleanup completed before your first visit.  The first application contains a crabgrass pre-emergent which acts like a protective barrier.  If the barrier is disturbed, it is weakened & this increases the likelihood of a crabgrass breakout.  

Does the application need to be watered in?

If the application consists of a granular product, the technician might spot-treat any weeds while he is there. Please don’t water the lawn for at least 2 hours after the visit. Liquid applications require a minimum of 2 hours to dry before watering the lawn.  Light rain would not be a problem, but we want to avoid the product being washed away.

What are Grubs?

Grubs are off-white larvae of beetles that feed on the roots of your lawn. Look for signs of random patches of wilted or brown turf. If your lawn feels spongy and easily pulls away from the soil, grubs may already be at work. A lawn can withstand up to 20 grubs per sq. foot, but activity should be monitored. Don’t panic if you find them, but please make the office aware!  Grubs are commonly found in landscape beds, but this is not a definite sign that they are actively feeding on the lawn.

My lawn still doesn’t look good.

We want you to be happy with your lawn!  Please email the office & we will come out to take a look.

Pest Control FAQ's

Will the service harm my children or pets? All the products we use are applied by licensed technicians. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to limit the risk to your loved ones.
When will you return for your next service? We will return within 4 weeks of your initial service to begin quarterly services.
What if I have an issue in between services? We offer free service calls between visits to address any of your concerns. Just reach out to us.
What is the best way to contact you? Please email with any questions or concerns to and we will be happy to help you! If email is not an option, you can text or call (603) 431-0101.
How do I pay for my services? We offer a prepay discount for the entire service or we offer a monthly installment plan.