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Insect and Grub Control

Stop what’s eating your grass

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Protect your lawn with insect and grub control

Both surface-feeding insects and sub-surface, root-munching grubs have the ability to decimate your lawn, causing unsightly brown patches in their wake. The good news is that there are solutions. You can partner with a lawn care pro to ensure these pests don’t get the chance to ruin your Southern NH, ME, or MA lawn.

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Pollinator-safe products that won’t harm the local ecosystem 

When dealing with insects and grubs, you might find yourself in a catch-22 situation. While you don’t want these pests to harm your lawn, you also don’t want the products used to control them to hurt the local ecosystem. Although most companies use harsh products that can impact local pollinators, Seacoast Turf Care uses eco-friendly solutions that are mindful of the environment. 

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Quality care from highly-trained technicians for the best of both worlds

Using the best practices and products often involves extra training and care. But we’re not in this industry to be like everyone else. You can expect that our highly-trained technicians are doing what’s best for your lawn and for the local ecosystem, delivering the best of both worlds.

Amazing work by great technicians and always on time so happy to have them provide service

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