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Your lawn is at the heart of your outdoor experiences, which is why you want it lush, green, and healthy. But great lawns don’t just happen. The best lawns are the result of a combination of various expertly timed lawn treatments in Southern NH, ME, and MA. At Seacoast Turf Care, our lawn care program is agronomically balanced with science-backed best practices. The result is a lawn you’ll love.

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Organic-based lawn fertilization to feed your lawn with vital nutrients 

Balanced nutritional fertilizer applications with both macro and micronutrients will help your grass grow thicker, greener, and stronger—all of which help your lawn to better defend itself against problems.  

At Seacoast Turf Care, our organic-based fertilizer delivers what your lawn needs when it needs it. We focus on best practices and doing the right thing which means we don’t skimp on quantity or quality.

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Crabgrass and weed control to fight back against pesky invaders

Nothing quite detracts from a beautiful lawn like a bunch of unsightly weeds creeping in. Fortunately, we know just how to fight back. Our weed control arsenal includes a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent controls for stubborn crabgrass as well as other broadleaf products to knock back those unwanted invaders. 

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Protect your lawn with insect and pollinator-friendly grub control 

Have you ever thought about what might be lurking in your lawn? Pests like surface-feeding insects and grubs can be highly destructive as they feed upon your lawn (and its roots!). Fortunately, we have eco-friendly solutions that can save your lawn without being harmful to pollinators. 

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Help your lawn breathe and grow with aeration and overseeding

In order for your lawn to grow to its full potential, it needs healthy soil. With lawn aeration, small cores of soil are pulled and deposited back on your lawn, where they will break down and recycle nutrients into the soil. This helps your lawn to breathe. When coupled with overseeding, you’ll fill in bare spots and introduce new growth. 

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Know exactly what your lawn needs with soil testing and amendments

The quality of your soil is going to dictate the performance of your lawn. That’s why we have third-party soil testing performed for every new customer (and then again every three years) and use amendments based on those results. We’re not just randomly proposing lawn care treatments. We are making data-based decisions.

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