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DIY vs. Professional Mosquito and Tick Control: How to Choose

Nothing ruins a good time outside like ticks and mosquitoes. Because these pests are potentially dangerous (not to mention a major nuisance), they can really put a damper on the fun.

To deal with these pests, many homeowners turn to mosquito and tick control services.

But is it worth investing in professional services or can you handle DIY mosquito and tick control on your own?

After all, you’ve probably noticed there are plenty of these types of products in the store.

In this article, we’ll dive into the differences between DIY mosquito and tick yard spray vs a professional and why you might want to seriously consider the latter.

DIY Mosquito and Tick Yard Spray vs Professional Services

There are some key factors to keep in mind if you’re thinking about treating ticks and mosquitoes on your own. Here’s what to consider.


A major consideration is the fact that DIY tick and mosquito yard spray is simply not going to be as effective as the products used by a pro. 

Whether you’re talking about a homemade concoction that you’ve whipped up in the kitchen or even store-bought control products, they simply aren’t going to work as well as commercial-grade, professional products.

This is important when it comes to a dangerous pest like a mosquito or tick. You simply don’t want to chance that your products are not going to work.

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Even the product application is probably going to be more involved than you realize. Since professional mosquito and tick control will involve using professional equipment, you’re going to get better results. A pro will make sure they’re reaching those hard-to-reach spots where these pests might be hanging out. 

The “method of application” is important when it comes to getting good results. Plus, with no knowledge of how or where to treat, you’re not as likely to have as much success as a pro.


The mosquito and tick control products that we use at Seacoast Turf Care are safe and effective. But a key to that is the fact that we are applying products properly with safety in mind. 

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When homeowners take matters into their own hands with DIY tick and mosquito yard spray, they’re not always going about things in the safest manner.

Plus, you now have handling and storage to worry about. When you have a pro handle these services for you, you won’t have to be concerned with storing leftover products.

Your Time

Finally, we want to point out that your time is valuable, too. Maybe you only have the weekends to get out in your yard and work. Most likely you don’t want to spend that precious free time worrying about tick and mosquito control.

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Instead, when you invest in professional mosquito and tick control services, you avoid having to use up any free time on these tasks.

Tick and Mosquito Control Services in Northern Massachusetts and Southern Maine

Mosquitoes and ticks can be a huge source of frustration. But when you invest in professional protection, you are gaining valuable peace of mind that these pests won’t be a serious threat to your family. 

At Seacoast Turf Care, we want to help put an end to what’s bugging you.

That’s why we not only offer Tick Control but we also offer Tick and Mosquito Control for homeowners who want full coverage.

While pests like mosquitoes and ticks can be a major source of stress, you can make smart choices that will help protect your family. This means you can get back to enjoying more time outside. 

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