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4 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Mosquito Season in the Northeast

Nothing puts a damper on outside fun like mosquito season.

Unfortunately, here in the Northeast, the mosquitoes are prevalent and persistent. Mosquitoes are not only a common problem in our region, but they also have the potential to make people sick. That’s because mosquitoes can carry (and transmit) diseases like West Nile, Zika, and Malaria. 

With warmer weather around the corner, you might be thinking about how you can prepare your yard for mosquito season. 

In this article, we’ll dive into four ways that you can start mosquito-proofing your backyard. 

These strategies include:

1. Clean Your Gutters

2. Eliminate Areas of Standing Water

3. Keep Your Property Tidy

4. Invest in Mosquito Control Services

Let’s take a look at each.

1. Clean Your Gutters

People are often surprised to learn that a mosquito problem might be brewing in your home’s gutters. 

Gutters clogged with leaves or debris become a prime hangout spot for mosquitoes. That’s because dirty gutters have everything that mosquitoes need, including decaying leaves, which can provide mosquito nourishment.

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Clogged gutters also have standing water, which makes them a mosquito breeding location. Mosquitoes require standing water to lay their eggs. The eggs then hatch into larvae which initially live in that water.

We know that it is often a forgotten task, but making a point to regularly clean your gutters is important. 

Keep in mind that gutter-draining areas can also become mosquito zones. If a gutter is draining right next to your patio and there’s standing water in that spot, this could lead to a mosquito hotspot.

2. Eliminate Areas of Standing Water

Mosquito-proofing your backyard also involves getting rid of other areas of standing water around the property. The gutters (and where they drain) are a possible culprit. But there can be many areas of standing water on your New England property.

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Here are a few prime examples:

  • Tarps and pool covers
  • Garbage and recycling bins (that aren’t covered)
  • Buckets or other containers left in the yard
  • Low spots in plant beds or in the yard itself
  • Flower pots or flower pot saucers
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Kiddie toys
  • Watering cans

Essentially any area on your property where water pools can become a mosquito hotspot. 

Unfortunately, the areas of standing water might be originating from a neighbor’s home so even when you dump all standing water, you could still have trouble. This is why yard mosquito control is also important (which we’ll cover last).

3. Keep Your Property Tidy

Mosquitoes love to stop often and rest…and they don’t like baking in the sun. 

That’s why prime mosquito hang-out spots tend to be in shrubs, tall grasses, and other landscaping. Overgrown lawns and landscapes might be more of a target as they offer lots of shelter.

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Keeping the lawn regularly mowed and keeping the landscape neat and tidy can help with mosquito-proofing your backyard.

4. Invest in Mosquito Control Services

All of these efforts can make a difference in prepping your yard for mosquito season. But they can’t be a replacement for professional mosquito control services

As we mentioned earlier, even when you take all the right steps on your property, you can’t control what your neighbor is doing.

Things like cleaning your gutters, eliminating areas of standing water, and cleaning up your property will help reduce mosquito breeding grounds. But there are likely still existing mosquitoes on your and your neighbor’s properties.

This is where professional yard mosquito control can help.

At Seacoast Turf Care, serving in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern Maine,  we target prime mosquito habitats with our product. Most people do not realize that mosquitoes are actually weak flyers and will stop frequently to rest. That means the bushes and shrubs around your property are prime hot spots for mosquitoes. We will treat those areas and others where we know mosquitoes will hang out.

As far as the best time to spray for mosquitoes, keep in mind that this is not a “once-and-done service.” We target mosquitoes throughout their entire active season with seven different treatment visits. With a pest as dangerous as the mosquito, you need to be diligent.

Choosing Mosquito Control Services in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern Maine

We commend you for your effort to protect you and your family from these pests. When it comes time to choose a mosquito control service, it’s important to do your research and look into your options. 

Ultimately, when you make a choice, you want to know that you’re getting the best protection.

When you invest in professional protection, you are gaining valuable peace of mind that these pests won’t be a serious threat to your family. When you choose the right company, you can also feel confident that you aren’t making a compromise with unsafe products or poor service.

At Seacoast Turf Care, it is our mission to put an end to what’s bugging you. We know that mosquitoes can be a source of frustration and stress. But we’re here to help.

Want to stop worrying about the danger of mosquitoes on your Southern NH, ME, or Northeastern Massachusetts property? Get mosquito control pricing today.

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